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The Vision

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

 Vicarious, is a faith based program aimed at helping individuals heal physically, spiritual and emotional. With a special focus on those living with diabetes, we hope to motivate, inform and help improve the lives of those struggling to win the battle against diabetes. We are trusting God that we can do these things vicariously through Christ!


About Me

The Journey

My name is Sonya L. A. Redd and I have had the pleasure of wearing many hats in my lifetime. From being a Realtor, Underwriter, Behavioral Therapist, to a Teaching Assistant. Still none has been as rewarding both personally and professionally as a Fitness Instructor and Wellness coach. After seeing so many family members decline prematurely from poor health, I was motivated to get healthy and take as many people as possible on this journey with me. As a professional Fitness Trainer and health enthusiast, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. I aim to help transform the body as well as the mind. 


What motivates me

As a the daughter of diabetic parents I’ve learned so much about what true wellness is. Helping my father recover from a stroke was one my motivating factors. With the faith that he instilled in me and the fitness knowledge I had, we worked together for his recovery. In addition, having a family history of depression has driven me to find holistic approaches to combating depression. To this very day, nothing lifts my spirits like faith and fitness together! I'd love to share that experience with you!

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What we offer



Join the Vicarious Fit Friends!

Enjoy workouts to your favorite Christian music, 80s music and spiritually themed workouts! Click the link below!


Personalized Training

A stronger you

We create personalized fitness programs for people of all ages and stages of life, including those living with chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer. Routines that are carefully created with your healthy and safety in mind.

Cross Fit Class

Group Fitness / Church groups

Working together

Many people like the accountability that comes with working out as group, as apposed to doing it on their own. Creating a community environment is key! Gather your group and let's get started.


Wellness tips and suggestions

A Holistic Approach

These days people are opting for a more holistic approach to wellness rather than pharmaceuticals. Here is where you'll find my tips on items such as supplements, herbs, teas and more!



I love training with Sonya! She challenges me and pushes me to do more than I think I can do. She makes me surprise myself. When I finish a workout with Sonya, I've worked my whole body and I feel exhilarated and energized at the same time.

Barbara B.


Training with Sonya was my first time training with a personal trainer. She has kept me motivated to stay fit during my pregnancy. She's careful to adjust to make sure I'm pushing the limit just enough. I'd recommend her to all the expecting mom looking to stay fit and to anyone looking for a new challenge.

Liz M.


I am an amateur boxer who suffered a torn bicep tendon. During my recovery I couldn't do a full workout because of the pain and medication. This caused me to gain a lot of weight and lose some muscle tone. When I began to do routines with Sonya the results were incredible. Sonya showed me exercises and stretches that helped realign my spine and regain muscle strength. She also helped me increase my cardio strength which added to my boxing training. I recommend Sonya because she does her research according to each client instead of using a general routine. Sonya played a huge role in my recovery. Now I am ready  to fight again and knockout the competition.

Richard A.


I highly recommend Vicarious Fitness Through Christ. I had the privilege of training over the summer and I have seen a tremendous change in my health as well as my physique! Today I’m no longer Pre-Diabetic and I’m able to maintain all of my ADL’s!!

Allesha P.

Anna D..jpg

I have had the opportunity to take classes with Sonya in a gym setting and work one on one with her as well. Both were fantastic experiences, she is responsive to my specific needs and abilities. She is always willing to modify or challenge as needed. Sonya has kept her classes very engaging with different routines and music, I look forward to ending a long work day with her class. Can't say enough about the positive experience with Sonya!

Anna D.